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Stacy's Creations

In this collection are all of my mom's creations! 

M&C's Creations

This is a collection of McKenzie and Casey's projects! 

McKenzie Cope

Born and raised in Western South Dakota! She was taught to bead by her mom at a young age then picked it back up in 2018. Her passions lie in belts and a variety of beaded jewelry. She continues to branch out her creative mindset into other projects along side Casey and her mom.

McKenzie's Collection

The Leather Maker

Casey Staudenmaier

Born and Raised on a cattle ranch in NW Nebraska. Casey found a passion of learning how to build functional cowboy gear. He has spent the last 10 years spending countless hours in saddle shops and virtually conferring with other makers trying to gain as much knowledge as possible.

He continues to grow his passion while building belts, headstalls, breast collars, saddles, and bags.

Casey's Collection


Stacy Cope

The wife of a rancher located in SW South Dakota. Mother of 3, grandmother of 4, has been a teacher of math for 23 years. She has been crafting for 47 years. Her favorites are beading and sewing, but she has a variety of projects on the table!

Stacy's Collection
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